Farm Tales Chapter 17 “Prince of Vankerya”

Yes, you are the son of Zak and Kaite, said Arden.

At this moment George’s heart was beating strongly, although he believed those words, a part of him was still in disbelief, this whole story was as crazy as Noah said it would be, but many questions and doubts he had throughout his life and all the questions he had come to ask himself, began to be answered. Amidst the silence that hovered, Noah decided to speak.

-George, the Emperors, or rather your parents… hadn’t abandoned you, in fact they saved you from being captured, that’s why you were sent to earth through the Teleportation Portal, this Portal sends the person like a comet to some specific place in the universe. For this reason, your parents decided to send you to earth, here you would have more security and they knew that since I was here, I would go quickly to meet you to protect you, unfortunately I was not as fast as your parents thought, but at least you were found by wonderful people who took care of you, who care about you and love you. When I finally got here and saw you…I ended up getting a fright, not because you were bigger than I expected you to be, but in how much you look like your father, especially when he was a teenager.

George listened attentively every word that was said by the man, and when Noah told him that, all kinds of feelings began to invade his heart, the main one being happiness. He had spent long years questioning not only himself but those around him about who his parents were, why he had been left behind, if his eyes, hair, and physiognomy had given way more to the maternal side than the paternal, or if he was simply a mixture of both. Knowing that Noah remembered his father as he looked at you made him want to cry. Still holding back his emotions, his eyes were already watery, and the air had become thin, though everything made sense, the doubtful part in his being began to become predominant.

-That’s a lie, I already asked my grandparents how they found me, and they told me that I almost died, since I was in a burned area. — The boy shook his head in denial, what did they want by lying to him? — You said I was sent to earth through a portal like a comet, but my grandfather didn’t see any comet and I only had the clothes on my body, and another thing, how could I survive in space with only one suit? And the distance? This planet you mentioned must be very far from earth if it exists. How could I get here alive? Are you making all this up just because I am a child?

The men looked at each other knowing that this could happen, indeed, what they both were talking about seemed to be a story from some fantasy book, but unlike what many thought, that was real. The runes that surrounded them with the scriptures was proof of this, if you were skilled enough or sensitive enough to the energy that formed everything known as well as unknown to the naked eye, you would feel the power that emanated from those scriptures.

Taking advantage that Noah had finished talking, Arden turned his body towards the boy so that he could speak.

— George, I know well about your history here with your grandparents, and while I was talking to both of them, your grandmother told me about how they found you. I read the police report, and there is one thing that can identify you as a Vankeryan, your grandparents told me they told you that, so you must remember. When you arrived on earth as a baby, you wore a jumpsuit made of a Vankerya fabric, it adapts to your body according to your size, and since the journey was long and you would possibly grow until you got here, you wore it. The colour was black and it had a symbol in its center, even if it is not possible for you to read it since our language differs from yours, the symbol was nothing more than the letter “V”. The black tone in Vankerya is used exclusively by royalty, as a way to differentiate them from others, to show their level of power and mainly because it is the color that represents the Imperial Family, as well as the Empire for centuries, as well as being used in special ceremonies, and I am sure that your grandparents told you this.

The tears that George was trying to hold back, now ran down his cheeks, his cry was not of sadness, but a mixture of surprise, sadness, but mainly joy. Many people didn’t know how important simple things, like your own origin, could be, until the moment you are forced to live without any of it. At that moment he knew that his parents had not abandoned him, that his parents had not left him alone in this world because they were bad people, or because they hated having a son like him.

No, on the contrary, they did it to save you from death. Unable to keep all those feelings in his chest, and words stuck in his throat, the boy took a deep breath gathering strength while he wrapped the arms of the armchair with his hands, being able to stand up raising his face to the ceiling of that huge hall, and with a single breath of air, he said loud and clear

My father! My mother! Forgive me! How many times I wanted to curse you, how many times I wished you would die for having abandoned me, but now I know the whole truth, so I ask you to please! Please! Wherever you are, on whatever Planet or Universe you are, listen to me… please forgive me, forgive me. Thank you for saving my life, mom, and dad… I love you! With the boy’s sincere and sentimental words, both Eddie and Noah had been moved. Noah stood up and quickly went to meet the boy, who was crying to the point of sobbing, in an attempt to soothe and calm him. Even Arden, who was the most restrained among them had been moved by the young boy’s words.

After he managed to calm down, George ran his digits across his cheeks wiping away his tears, but something that came as a surprise to the three of them there was the boy asking to see his parents and for them to take him away from earth, to take him to his planet. Arden, moved by the boy’s emotion and determination, ended up smiling closedly as he kept his hands behind his body.

-George, you are the Prince of Vankerya, and my Master has put great trust in you, I know that now that you have finally found out who your parents are, you want to meet them. But unfortunately, it is not something possible at the moment, if we look at the facts you are still a very weak child, and to be able to come back with us to Vankar you need to get stronger. There are thousands of dangers there, but while we are on earth, Noah and I will train you to become stronger, like it or not, it is necessary because only then you will be able to face the evil that ravages our planet. I have no doubt that the Young Prince will become a great warrior in the near future. — Arden nodded in agreement with his own words — And before I forget, we need to talk to Granny Bea. — He said, alternating his gaze between Noah and George as he gestured with his hands — It would be best if we told her the whole truth, she’s been your mother since you got here, and I’m sure she’d be surprised to find us training you

George nodded, he knew that his grandmother had a right to know what was going on, at every point in his life she had been by his side, and it would be unfair to keep something this important from her. With that in mind he cracked a huge smile because he was happy, in fact he would now have two masters to teach him how to fight and learn more about not only his history but the customs of his people. He had Eddie, this one he felt something special, the connection between the two was getting stronger, their emotions were palpitating and complementing each other so that one could understand and feel clearly, what the other was feeling. At this moment, George with his hands and Eddie with his paws, were punching each other in a form of playfulness, but the words spoken by George were somewhat serious.

You evil Drows, so it was you who separated me from my parents. Get ready, I will train, and I will train hard, I will be the strongest warrior that ever existed, and I will finish you off.

There, the boy made a promise that he would carry with him for the rest of his life, each one that separated them, each one that made them feel the greatest pain and sorrow imaginable, they would pay for it



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