Farm Tales Chapter 16 — “The Revelation”

They woke up, finally. Noah was surprised to see George and asked how the boy was and what he was doing there. George nodded positively, indicating that he was fine, but responded that he had no idea how he had stayed in that place. He also revealed that he had felt something new before, like a power, along with Eddie. The two looked around, observing those walls covered with runes, and soon saw that Arden was staring at them. At the same instant, Noah felt like getting up and going to meet the vet, however, Arden started to say something.

Arden began his monologue by informing them that the connection between George and Eddie had finally been established. Therefore, from that moment on, the little pig would no longer try to run away but would obey George.

He took advantage of the fact that the animal was still sleeping and continued to explain to the boy about mystical pets, which are very powerful special beings. From what was explained to him George understood that the connection between a mystic pet and your owner was established through a necklace, like the one he had. However, George had received his when he was very young, and as he did not use the object at any time, the connection was weakening. Mystic Pet, when they hatch, need a host for a while, and then they may or may not evolve into a new body. Furthermore, Arden also explained that being was given by his mistress as a gift to protect and help him. Then, Arden looked at Noah and nodded at him, asking him to continue the explanation.

Noah was even a little nervous, but he began to say something. Before, of course, he prepared George, saying that what he was about to tell could seem very crazy, since it was very far from the reality that the boy was used to. He also pointed out that it was very necessary to know the truth, because that could clear up many things about his life, as well as many other things about Eddie, Arden, and even Noah himself.

It was then that he talked about coming from another planet — called Vankar, a place very distant from Earth — and that he had been sent to Earth by his emperor more than thirty years ago with the purpose of knowing the planet and its inhabitants, its advantages, and disadvantages, however, he had not mentioned that he had intentions of, one day, colonizing it. Noah would be forty years collecting all the information about that planet, so Zak, the emperor, gave him a blood compass. He quickly explained to George how the object worked, and said that when his leader arrived on Earth, the compass would signal him and so he could find him. However, about twelve years ago, the equipment started sending out a signal that Zak was on planet Earth, so Noah went to meet him, but as many years had passed, and because of some hitherto unknown interference, the compass signal was weaker. Until that moment, the boy George was just beginning to be suspicious of that conversation. Although he had already seen strange things in the last few weeks — and now heard that Noah was from another planet — and even though he was a pre-teen with a very fertile imagination, he thought that all of that was absurd. Anyway, he continued listening to the story.

Noah continued and said that he arrived at the farm after twelve years following the compass directions. He confessed that at first moment he didn’t understand why he had been taken there, and how he found it even more strange that place caused even more interference with the compass signal. Noah told about when he finally entered the farm and ended up saving Grandpa Ben — the brief mention of the late man was enough to make George’s eyes water — by watching him fall off his horse. That’s how he was taken into the house, where he saw George for the first time and was startled in the same instant, because the boy looked so much like someone he knew. At the time, he was very stunned, his mind full of doubts, and not knowing what to do. It was because of this that he got a job at the farm, as he wanted to know more about George. But he ended up cultivating a special affection for the family and staff of the place, as they all welcomed him very well.

-And then everything happened that you already know… — said Noah. — Ben passed away, Eddie appeared… I confess that even I didn’t realize that it was a mystical pet. So, we George and I, got together to look for more information about him. But my doubts and uncertainties only began to disappear after Arden appeared. As soon as Noah finished talking, Arden continued:

- I am from the same planet as Noah, but I am of a different race. I am an Elf. — Soon after that, he said a word unknown to George, which made his ears prick up. The boy was surprised, even though he was already beginning to stop wondering about all that magic.

- I knew it! My sense of smell never fails! — It was Eddie’s turn to say, its eyes already open.

— I knew the moment I laid eyes on you. Ignoring the piggy’s interruption, the blond man went on to tell how he was sent to earth by his mistress almost twelve years ago to protect a special child, and, also that it wasn’t difficult to find the child, as there was some sort of tracker on that child’s necklace. When George heard this, his mind started to connect the dots between all that information, but he continued to pay attention.

With this, Noah also began to tell his story. He told that he came from a kingdom called Valkyria, which was governed by an emperor called Zak and an empress, Kaite. They rulled with love and justice, and everyone in the kingdom loved them, however, after he was sent to Earth, he had almost no news from his kingdom. Arden noticed the way Noah talked about Vankerya with a certain sadness in his voice — which was understandable, since he really missed his home a lot -, so he decided to tell George a little more about the kingdom, at the same time taking the opportunity to indirectly update Noah on the latest events in the kingdom.

- Fifteen years ago, a great war occurred in Vankerya, and several other kingdoms, because of the Drows, the dark elves. In the middle of one of the battles, emperor Zak, his wife, and their son, who was still a baby, were captured by the enemies and taken to the mountains of Gargasus, where the clan dwells. — Noah’s eyes widened, feeling bad for his emperors. George felt a strange squeeze in his chest. — Zak managed to escape and rescue his family, however, when they returned, the kingdom was already in ruins. Everything was destroyed, including the palace, but fortunately they had knowledge about a secret place. There, there was a large portal, just like in many other places on our planet. These portals work like teleporters and can take you to various places in the universe. However, they require a very large amount of mana energy crystals. So, as they were without many alternatives, they decided to put their son, the prince, in the portal. Thus, he was sent to the planet Earth.

As they heard the last sentence, it was as if a lantern lit up in George and Noah’s minds, illuminating their ideas and thoughts. — Wait, does this mean that… — Noah started to say. — If the prince was sent to Earth and my blood compass guided me to George…

So, I… — George said, wide-eyed. — I am…

- Yes, George, that baby is you,” Arden revealed at once. — Your father and mother are from Vankar, and emperors of the kingdom of Vankerya. You are the prince of Vankerya, son of Zak and Katie.



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