Farm Tales Chapter 15 “Complete Connection”

While the battle between the two warriors of Vankar seemed to come to an end, at Orion Farm, known to be one of the 4 largest farms in the region, someone was meditating, and even with his eyes closed, he was pensive. “What was it that happened? I felt a magical force west of here, what is happening? It’s not the first time I’ve felt the mana fluctuation different. Tomorrow I will go and investigate it.”

Tidan had put Noah on his shoulder to carry him, and immediately, they were gone. Arden had combined with Tidan where they would meet later, so he returned to the farm so that he could settle the rest of the pending things. However, when the man was approaching the farm, he spotted George, and by all indications, the boy was still looking for Eddie and Noah. Taking advantage of such an opportunity, Arden approached George and without him realizing it, grabbed a syringe, immediately injecting him with the medicine, causing the boy to fall asleep almost immediately. The blond man held George carefully, crouching down to put him lying on the floor, he turned his torso briefly opening the bag he carried with him, taking from there, Eddie who was still sleeping, leaving him beside George.

He then, began to prepare a spell drawing two circles full of charms and runes, knowing that he would need more things to finish that spell, the man put his hand in his bag starting to remove from inside, some magical artifacts that would come in handy. Such as small greenish spheres that had enough mana inside them to conjure shields and barriers, which would help him in what he was preparing. After some time, he then placed George inside one circle and Eddie in the other, but not only that, he secured them with a rope made of dragon skin, as dragon skin was known to be extremely strong and even used to make weapons, he used it so that they would not be able to escape. Arden then sat down in front of the two and placed his left hand in front of his face, keeping his thumb, index and pinky folded, while his middle and ring finger remained raised, much of his mana was being accumulated so that he could dictate the first spell.

- Ma-duná. — one barrier emerged around Eddie and the other around George.

Soon after, Arden unleashed another spell.

- Zaclan dimittere potio. — this was responsible for breaking the sleeping potion that was in both of their bodies, causing them to awaken at the same time.

Where am I?

Asked George a little dazed, the boy propped his hands on the ground, each on the side of his body to get himself to sit up. When he looked ahead, he came across the little pig who also stood up, with his paws on its face, while scratching its eyes. Strangely enough, he turned his face to the side, seeing Arden at the same instant, there, he wondered what was going on. But before he could say anything, a scream echoed through his ears causing him to come to amazement. The reason for his fright, Eddie, who was already standing on its two hind legs, was beating with its front paws on the protective barrier, but it was no use, no matter how hard he kept on beating, the barrier became stronger, making it impossible for it to get out. Knowing this, it began to say something, clearly showing its indignation.

- Let go of that magic barrier, you chicken-faced elf! What’s an elf doing on this planet? You’re like a plague, are there elves on every planet in the universe? — he grumbled loudly, “Don’t you have anything else to do? Can’t you live in your forests quietly? Can you?

Before it could continue, it finally noticed that it was not the only one there, but that George was in front of it, in a situation not unlike its own.

- Hey, you! — called for the boy — Weak child, if you take me away from here, I will let you be my master.

It said with a thumbs up, with a big smile on its face. But to its surprise, the ‘weak child’ paid no attention to its proposal at that moment, leaving him momentarily surprised.

What is happening Arden? What kind of thing is this wrapped around me? And the most important, who are you?

Arden looked at him and soon answered his question saying that he was a friend and that he would help him to connect with Eddie. At that moment Eddie, who until then had been down on the ground with its paws outstretched and beating the ground in protest as he wanted to get out of the barrier, stopped what it was doing to hear what Elf was saying. Without wasting any more time, the little pig jumped up, looked at the man and asked him to stop playing with it, in fact, despite its personality being strong and sharp, it joked saying that he was still a baby pet and didn’t deserve to be punished like that; then, the little pig knelt and put its two paws together begging Arden not to do this evil to it.

Arden, who was alternating his gaze between the two, turned to the boy with reddish-brown hair, and began to say.

  • George, the spirit that entered this little pig, is the spirit of a Mystic Pet with a great level of power. The Mystic Pets are very powerful special beings, and depending on their race, they have different individualities. Well, Eddie was put on your necklace by my mistress to protect you and help you. But before I tell you the minors of this story, I need to tell you that Eddie and you need to finally connect, you are a special child and the universe needs you, so don’t be afraid. As soon as we finalize the connection between you, it will have to obey you, and then we will explain what is going on. — Seeing the boy’s fearful face, he volunteered to say — Trust me, ok?

George was not understanding what Arden had said, he was stuck in a kind of circle hearing about supposed mystical Pet, connections, about being a special child and the universe needing him, he didn’t know any of that, much less understand it, but something in his core was sure that everything the man said, was true. Having this certainty, he nodded his head in agreement with this “connection”, he knew Arden for a long time and always saw the veterinarian taking care of the animals, and even if all that seemed strange, something told him to trust him.

Meanwhile, Eddie nodded its head in denial, it didn’t agree with that idea, although it had said that the boy would turn into its master if he let it go, that didn’t mean that it was going to do it. Arden then joined the two circles together, making it so that now, George and Eddie stood together. Arden soon began to say words that, until then, were unknown to George.

- Petrifus — he said.

As soon as he said the final word, Eddie’s little body had been completely paralyzed within the force field, but unlike it, George could move freely. With this, the man took a small knife and approached him, there, he made a small cut on the boy’s thumb, with his index finger and thumb on the sides, he made a pressure on the cut so that a little blood would pool. He calmly guided George’s hand until it was close to the face of the animal, and then he pressed his thumb with the drop of blood on Eddie’s forehead, who on the other hand knew what was happening, and as angry as it felt, it could not do anything about it. Arden, asked George to say the word Connection Complete. And the moment he did, a bright light began to hover between them both interconnecting with each other, unable to hold such mana, they both fainted. And in that moment, they were connected to each other, not a simple connection, but a blood connection.

Seeing that both had fainted, Arden picked them up and took them to a place near his residence, where Tidan would probably be waiting. Under one of the trees, there was a ladder that led to a place that looked like a cave. The man, following the same path as always, did not take long to reach the space, which was well illuminated, the walls and runes were full of elven writing, as well as dates and, who knows, codes that only elven beings were able to understand. Tired from the excessive use of mana in the last few hours and the various spells he had done, Arden was tired, but despite his tiredness, he was confident and was almost certain that when the three of them woke up, he would have no more problems. Tidan had already removed the vines from Noah, who was now sitting, as was George, in a chair. Unlike Eddie, who was sleeping on the floor. Standing up, looking at everyone there, the elf knew he was ready for when they came to wake up.

Somewhere on planet Earth.

We already have 5 spaceships here, in a few minutes 10 more will arrive. With this number of soldiers, we can prepare the arrival of our Boss, remember, we have 2 years to do what was asked, we need to research and confirm some information we received earlier, by all indications, there are several minerals and special items on this planet. And as their technology is very primitive, as soon as our Boss arrives, we will be able to dominate the globe easily — said the being with a smug smile on his lips.

Amid the darkness under the earth, beings from another planet began the preparation of the Plan to Invade the Earth.



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