Farm Tales Chapter 14 “World of Dreams”

In Vankar, the elves are great warriors, and they are known, and they are known for knowing nature and its peculiarities like no one else — they know what each plantation, tree, animal, land water, and other elements have to offer good or bad. However, not everyone knows how to use magic, and there are differences about the level of its use even among those who do. There are three clans of elves in Vankar, they are: Amethyst clan — they were called so because of their violet and purple hair. The smallest and weakest of the elven clans, and they live isolated on an island near the large contingent of Tartam, but no one dares disturb them; Brinks clan — known for living near the rivers of the Avian Forest, which exists in the Vulkin’s Plain. It is the second strongest and most numerous elven clans. In their midst, there is the largest tree in the entire continent of Tartam, called Luxian (“tree of light”) by the Brinks. They don’t like to get involved in battles, but they always help in a specific way in some situations; and last but not least, the biggest and most feared elven clan, the Drows

— They live in the Gargasus’s Mountains. They are warriors who have always fought wars in their history, but in the last hundred years, the desire to conquer all of Tartam has become the priority of this clan. They are also known as “dark Elves”, because their large number of members and their power made them feared. In each elven clan there is an elven master who leads them, as well as their hierarchies

In the spell used by Arden, called “the world of dreams” — which takes about ten seconds to cast and consumes a lot of Mana — their bodies are vulnerable, while their minds enter a utopian world as if it were real, but always aware that they are in a world created by a spell. In this world, the fighting spirit almost disappears, the desire for peace and calmness takes over the hearts of the people who enter and they are granted the advantage of speaking openly about anything, without anyone knowing — not by spying, not being outside the dream world and not by any magic, it is a totally independent world. Arden is one of the few Elves who has the power to use this spell. It is ideal for a conversation and/or to calm someone down. If someone wants to die in the dream world, Arden will also die, and vice versa, it is a side effect of this spell. However, upon leaving the dream world, the one who received the spell takes a longer time to come back to terms with reality than the one who cast the spell.

– You got it right — said Arden. — Really, I’m from Vankar, and an elf. I am from the Brinks clan, and I am here for one reason: to take care of that child. I’ve been in this place longer than you, who practically just arrived on this farm. Who sent you to this planet? Who were you on Vankerya? What is your purpose? — Arden questioned, but received another question in reply:

– How will I know if you really are a Brinks? I am one of the 7 guardians of Vankerya! And why do you want to take care of this child? Who is he?

Arden was surprised by Noah’s words, the elf had come to Earth about a year after George was sent to the planet, and he remembered the said ‘ten guardians of Vankerya’ very well. None of them were named Noah.

However, after some more thought, his mind reminded him of a person. In fact, a title he hadn’t heard in a long time.

– It can’t be! You are Noah, the guardian of the East! Are you the “Bull of the East”, the one who was said to have died in a battle over forty years ago? That’s impossible! — Arden looked at him in shock, really surprised.

– Well, well… So, you remember my nickname. — Noah laughed. — I haven’t heard someone call me that in a long time… Yes, that’s me. I was sent to Earth over forty years ago. So, they put someone else in my place, so they wouldn’t investigate about me and this planet, but it seems to have gone wrong, because you’re here on earth. You used portal from your clan that brought you here, right? I may not be in a very favorable situation now, but in a few years, I will return to my planet and my kingdom,” Noah said, very happy to hear his old nickname.

Arden was shocked once again. He had not imagined he would find a guardian there. The guardians of Vankerya were the most powerful warriors of that kingdom, along with their Emperor. Even though he was in the dream world, he was really shocked by this news, so he showed Noah the symbol of a tree tattooed on his chest, the symbol of the Brinks. That symbol lit up after a word was said by Arden — only a member of the Brinks could make that tattooed symbol shine like that — showing that he really was part of the clan, besides saying he was surprised that the so well known “Bull of the East” was alive and living on that planet. However, if Noah was there to protect George, as Arden thought, how could he not know who the boy was?

Feeling confused, he asked Noah if he really didn’t know who George was and what made him go to the farm, since he didn’t know who the boy was. Noah — less suspicious after having the proof that Arden really was a Brinks — said that he didn’t know who the boy was, and that the blood compass — Item made by the elves themselves and given as a gift to the Vankeryans as one of the symbols of their friendship, an object often used by elves. When someone’s blood was stored within it, the compass would be able to indicate the person’s approximate location, provided they were on the same planet. It could store up to ten pieces of blood information in it — that was what took him there, however, when he arrived at the farm, he only saw a child whose appearance closely resembled the owner of the blood that had been placed in the object.

He looked at Arden and then had a snap. His mind cleared with a certainty, something he had thought of before but dismissed for various reasons. Seeing his expression, Arden stepped forward, saying:

Now I understand. That’s exactly what you’re thinking, Noah. George is the son of Zak, the Emperor of Vankerya.

In the endo phrase, Noah was in a deep state of shock, much stronger compared to when he first saw George. His doubts and uncertainties vanished, for even if he didn’t know Arden, he knew that the Brinks didn’t like lying, and he understood why the compass had guided him to the farm: George had his father’s blood running through his body. It had been about thirty years that he had been on earth when the compass began to signal that probably Zak — who had left some of his blood inside the compass — was also on the planet. It was a weak signal, and the farm somehow diminished the compass’ sensor even more, which made it take Noah more than ten years to find him.

– The Prince of Vankerya is here, on planet Earth, in this farm, among animals… Vivendo assim há doze anos, desde bebê… What is happening? Why did my Emperor do this to his own son? Until when will he live like this in this place, in this world? — Noah questioned, reflecting alone and still in a state of shock, feeling a strong preoccupation and uneasiness. He was one hundred and twenty years old — usually Vankeryans lived about five hundred years — and he had been through a lot of things in his life, but it had been a long time since he had felt his heartbeat so much. Noah couldn’t stop repeating the name of George, his Prince.

– Well, there are some things I need to tell you. — Noah took a deep breath, preparing himself for some more shocking news. — First, his real name is not George, but I don’t know what his real name is either. All I know is that it was my mistress who gave him the name George so that no one could identify him by the original. I am here because I was sent to protect him. Moreover, the necklace that the boy was wearing was also given to me by my mistress, the Empress Katie. In it, she stored a mystical pet, also for protection. She told me all this before she sent me. And why did your Emperor do this to George? Because Vankerya no longer exists, it was destroyed. Zak and his wife were captured by the Drows, everything you remember of your kingdom now exists only in your memory.

Hearing this, Noah didn’t know how to react. The intensity of his emotions continued to increase. — You must not be a Brinks. A Brinks would never lie and make up such a lie! How dare you say my kingdom was destroyed! How dare you say that my Emperor and Empress were captured by the Drows! I was believing you, but this magic is confusing my head. Now it’s enoughaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! — Noah brought the palms of his open hands together and said: Zaclan Titan!!!

A Mana energy began to envelop him powerfully. Even though he was in the dream world, he began to connect his mind to his body. Outside of that parallel reality, his body began to tremble and increase in size. The shirt he was wearing ripped. Realizing that something was not right, Tidan immediately wrapped Noah’s body with his vines. The dream world was collapsing.

He has broken the seal that held his power, now he comes with everything! I only have one chance, otherwise I’ll have to fight hard too,” Arden said, shattering the reality of the dream world in the same instant. In the first seconds after breaking his magic, Arden advanced with everything towards Noah, as he took advantage of the instability caused when someone left the dream world, after all, the guardian would take a few seconds to adapt to his real body again.

Arden saw that Tidan had already pinned Noah down. As he approached, he noticed that he had already regained his senses. — Don’t think I’m inexperienced with that magic. In fact, I even trained with it a few times with a member of your clan — Noah teased. Then Arden replied:

– I know about your fame and I know who you trained with. I suspected you might react quickly, but I needed to get close to you.

At that moment, Arden held out a talisman and said: — Solaris Brilhius!

Once again, Noah received this spell, the same way it happened with George’s necklace. He ended up dizzy, disoriented, and unable to see, still trapped by Tidan. Taking advantage of the situation, Arden quickly took something from his own waist and skillfully injected it into Noah, who tried to get it out of his body, but it was too late, the liquid was already inside him.

– What did you do with me? What magic is that?

– It’s not magic, just a sleeping potion. Tomorrow, when you wake up, we’ll talk more calmly about what we talked about. I am not your enemy! I am here to help. However, if you continue to want a fight, you will get one,” Arden declared for the last time. After listening to him, Noah knew that this sleeping potion was very strong. He knew how to lessen the effect, so he used a technique for this — without Arden noticing — and allowed his body to fall into a deep sleep, temporarily



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