Farm Tales Chapter 13 “The Universe’s Energy”

Space Research Center (SRC), with their telescopes pointing at the sky and satellites orbiting the earth, and this center was monitoring the universe for 24 hours. There were 3 researchers working on the night shift, everything seemed to indicate that it would be a normal night, like all the others. Until one of the researchers noticed a small anomaly, causing a brief warning sign to appear on his computer screen. — What!!! This… is a big meteor! It’s entering the atmosphere, what absurd speed is this? — said one of the researchers perplexed.

However, the meteor-like object disappeared. Everyone there couldn’t understand it, in fact, it was only possible to identify the object by the monitoring system when it was already entering the atmosphere. The supposed meteor was bigger than a truck, and in less than 10 seconds it disappeared from all radars. The researchers took note of the recent strange event but were reassured that this happened from time to time and thought that the object probably disintegrated as it entered the atmosphere.

Meanwhile at Reborn Farm… Eddie didn’t even have time to say a word, Arden was holding the little pig in his hands, taking the opportunity to quickly take out of his bag a syringe, knowing that Eddie wouldn’t give up reluctantly, he soon tried to stick the needle in it. The pink being that was previously trying to free himself from the man, felt a sudden drowsiness, and before it could close its eyes, it asked in a low and tired voice.

You, what do you… — its grumbled feeling his eyes gradually closing — did with me?… Eddie whispered, surrendering to sleep. Knowing that at any moment someone could appear, Arden put Eddie in his bag, inside it has a separate dimension, where Arden can store various items and even creatures, then looked around briefly and started to run, he had to be fast if he wanted to get out of there, and that’s what he was doing. His escape would have been successful, if not for Noah passing by the surrounding area. The dark-haired man was surprised to see someone running around who was not George, the man immediately found the situation strange and started to run after the person. A few minutes later George also appeared, looked everywhere, but saw no one, not even the veterinarian. And soon the boy wondered which way Noah and Eddie had gone?

At a constant speed, Arden had already crossed the most part of the farm, crossed several plantations and arrived in an open forested area. The trees looked organized, but as he was leaving the forested area, on the trail that connected it to the Sky River, he stopped walking when he noticed someone there, and at the same moment Noah arrived, staring at him intently.

Your name is Arden, right? You are the local Veterinarian. But you are not from this planet — said putting his hands in his pants pockets — Who are you really? And if it’s not too much to ask, give the little pig back. His tone of voice was serious, as was his countenance. But to his surprise, Arden gave a laugh, not of happiness or euphoria, but of disbelief.

– You know a lot about me, and you got a lot of things right. But you are not the only one who is curious, I also want to know who you are. By the way, I know you are not from this planet, just like me. — a mocking smile came to his lips — tell me, why did you come to this farm? Ignoring most of the words spoken, Noah again asked the guy to give Eddie back and answer his questions first, so that he could do the same next, but they both knew that was not going to happen. Arden immediately refused, and said that he would keep the piggy, stating that if Noah continued to stand there, the dark-haired man might get hurt.

As he listened to such a warning, or as it sounded to Noah, threat. The man came at Arden with his fist raised, in an attempt to hit the blond man in front of him with a straight punch. But to his surprise, Arden managed to defend himself with his right arm, considerably haphazardly. Seeing how quickly he had defended himself, Noah thought that Arden might have some, or a lot, of experience in hand-to-hand combat. But this wouldn’t make him back down, so without blinking he went after Arden again, and at first the “vet” was on the defensive. But soon after, he began to counterattack and Noah began to realize that the guy he was fighting was stronger than he thought, with this brief slip lost in his own thoughts, Arden took the opportunity to raise his leg and hit Noah’s torso with a kick, causing the man to stagger backwards, almost losing the balance of his own body, but luckily, he had been faster to get both feet on the ground to stand up. It had been a long time since he had fought someone strong like that, maybe, the dark-haired man thought, he was out of shape.

It was then, that Noah took a deep breath placing his right leg in front of him and his left behind, thus assuming a fighting stance, although the man had not practiced for a long time, it was as if his mind and body had never forgotten, what should be done. Calmly, he left his left arm close to his torso, and his right arm raised towards the blond man in front of him, palm facing up. Slowly a slightly blue energy began to envelope his body, concentrating mainly in the region of his abdomen. Upon witnessing this scene, Arden could identify all that energy as Mana. The Mana also it was known was known as the energy of life and is thus present in all living things in the universe, Mana is also the key element for Magic. All spells used in the magical arts are derived from Mana. Yes, he had grown stronger. However, Arden did not stand still and wait for what might possibly come next. It didn’t take him long to close his eyes and then open them again, a greenish line encircled his irises, while Mana energy of the same hue began to envelop him. A sneaky smile took over his lips as he crouched down, his left foot slowly opened to touch the ground, and then, almost in a whisper, he came to say the following words.

Invocare Ents dagun!

A fast wind was blowing around them both, as the magic circle formed on the ground, causing a Creature Ent to appear. The being was almost six feet tall and looked like a tree, its branches like hands and its legs like strong trunks. Soon Arden said

Tidan let’s play a little bit with his guy.

Arden ended up spending some of his Mana to summon this Being, mainly because of its size. It was almost like a rule, the bigger the Being, the more Mana he would need to summon it. Tidan turned his face giving him a small laugh, but none of this had impressed Noah, who was observing his surroundings. The man picked up momentum with his hind leg starting towards both, of them, some of his energy had built up in the palm of his hand, causing him to throw it towards both, of them, precisely at the Mana bearer who held that Ent there. But seeing that magic coming his way, Arden was quick and jumped to the opposite side, but Tidan was slower and ended up receiving that blow, causing a big explosion to happen, so that his leaves and branches flew everywhere.

You summoned this weak monster to help you. — the dark-haired man gave a brief laugh, while denying with his head. — Not even a thousand of them would be enough to help you, Doctor. — said Noah with sarcasm. Arden didn’t care much about what he had said, and soon returned to attack Noah, but unlike the other time, he didn’t use only his body in combat, but also his mana, but Noah defended himself continuously against his blows, turning Arden’s strength against himself. However, something grabbed Noah’s feet making it impossible for him to move, and as he looked down, he noticed several vines, which quickly wrapped around his legs, and climbed up his body completely immobilizing him.

A slow, muffled laugh echoed through Noah’s ears.

– Do you think this blow of yours would kill me? Fool, I’m not just any Ent. I’m of a special race, even a thousand of you couldn’t destroy me. — said Tidan, debauched at the rash attitude of the man, who was now under arrest. Meanwhile, Arden was muttering a charm, which sounded like he was preparing for something. And just as the vine was about to cover Noah’s mouth, he shouted.

Jiyú!, — A powerful energy around Noah created a wave with him at its center, the center of balance of that magic, which soon burst all the vine that wrapped his body disabling his movements, and consequently pushing Tidan backwards. Then, his energy diminished, and it was at this instant that Arden approached, so fast that it was almost impossible to see him, striking Noah hard in the region of his abdomen, causing his Mana to disperse, and dictating the last word of the spell that was being elaborated.

Sweet dream… — said Arden, seeing his opponent’s body being thrown away.

It could be seen as a trance, and even a mental prison to some, but that magic not normally used for malicious means, unless the individual was corrupted. This was a state in which to put your opponents, depending on the utility, to calm their bodies and their minds into a peaceful, calm dream. Or disturb them, bringing agony and severe damage, not only to their minds, but mostly to their bodies, as a real nightmare with no way out. But in this dream, Arden spoke to him in a soothing way.

It was a good fight, but it came to an end, I needed to test you a little, and if I didn’t bring you into the dream world, you probably wouldn’t believe what I have to say, and we would keep hitting each other until one was defeated and even killed. But I know that this is not something we want, not to mention the other damage we could do in this area, and at some point, we would get someone’s attention. Here we can talk in peace, while Tidan watches outside, okay? -Disse Arden.

Noah agreed with his head, before he began to fire several questions at the one in front of him. He asked who he was, where he was from, why he was in the area, and why he had captured Eddie. But Arden did not answer his questions, but instead said something that left Noah speechless.

I will answer some questions you have asked, but first I need to know. What is a Vankeryan doing in this place? And what do you want from George? — he asked.

Noah was perplexed to hear those questionings, besides, how could that guy know that he was a Vankeryan? Who was he really? With such thoughts rumbling around in his mind, a brief click came in his head, along with a thought.

I was wondering how you knew I was a Vankeryan, and soon realized two things. — he held up his index finger, before continuing. — First: you are also from the planet Vankar, of course you could even be from another planet, but you know my people and you recognized me just by fighting me, which shows how intelligent and insightful you are

His middle finger was then raised, so he could continue.

– Second: fighting with you I remembered that you used magic, and on our planet, there is 1 Kingdom and 3 Clans that use magic. Sure, sure, there are other warriors outside of those I thought of that also use magic. However, only powerful Elves can do enchantment spells and you are certainly one of them, how do I know this? Simple, this dream magic requires a time-consuming corner spell, not to mention the excessive use of mana, and I know this because I have fought some Elves in Vankar. Now the big question is, are you a pure or corrupted Elf?



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