Farm Tales Chapter 12 “Mystic Pet”

– My name is Eddie — said the little pig. He had picked up the necklace and was already trying to run away with it but was paralyzed by George’s order.

– I need to get out of here! This boy cannot dominate me, it would be a shame for my breed to be dominated by such a weak and stupid boy. I will weaken the bond that unites us,” thought Eddie.

— Give me back my necklace piggy … Come here, come. Come to the cuddle, baby — called George, using a calm voice, thinking that it could attract the animal.

The piggy put his paw to his face, nodding his head in denial, and angrily complained: — I am not a pet! I am the one who will dominate the world, I mean, the universe!

With this, Eddie was able to free himself from George’s command, undoing his paralysis. Now free and able to move again, the pig took the necklace and put it around his own neck. At the same instant, his eyes flickered in a different way and the object began to reduce in size, fitting perfectly on his body. Without wasting any time, Eddie lifted one of his paws to say goodbye to George in a provocative manner and jumped through one of the windows, running away. George stood without any reaction for a few seconds. He had just seen a talking pig steal his necklace and make it shrink in size under his eyes. The boy thought it was just a weird dream, but when he realized that the necklace that had been left to him by his parents was being stolen in front of his eyes, the shock gave way to anger and immediately George jumped out the window to run behind the animal.

— Hey, wait! Come back here!

It was late at night, so people were starting to wake up because of the noise caused by the chase. Even though George was fast, the piggy was even more agile and fast.

— Há, há, há, há! — the pig laughed while still running. — “You’re really weak. It’s so slow… I will never let you be my master. — Eddie smiled at what increased the distance between them, but it was at that moment that Noah appeared on his way with open arms, ready to grab him. The piggy had not noticed his arrival, but quickly strayed from the man and decided to change his direction. His attempt, however, was flawed, as Noah was already very close, and soon managed to hold him with both hands, trapping him at once. — Let me go! How can you be faster than me? — Mumbled Eddie while he tried to let go. Noah opened his eyes wide. — I’m still very weak…

— What kind of being are you? — Noah asked, curious and surprised, but got no answer because George appeared soon after, thanking him for capturing the animal.

— He stole my necklace, Noah! he told him. — And it sounds crazy, and I’m going to say, but… He’s talking! — revealed with a soft voice, as if it were an unbelievable secret. — I heard, George. He talked to me too. — Noah looked again at the pig and asked questions again. — Who are you? Where did it come from? Why did you take his necklace? — Get your hands off me! Eddie screamed. — Your weaklings! You’re lucky I just woke up! Soon, I’ll get my powers back, and then I’ll finish you off!

Eddie tried to kick and punch Noah in the air as he was raised from the back of the nape, but it had no effect. Noah asked the questions again, but again got no answers, so George decided to try. — Who are you? Why did you take my necklace and how do you get it back to normal size? — George held the necklace and removed it from the animal, taking it back.

– Come on, Come on… I think you’re deaf, dumb, weak, and a turtle! How can you do this to me?! — braved. — What have I done to deserve such great punishment? I’m so strong and powerful! Of course, I’m weak now, but when I raise my powers to the max, I’ll be unstoppable! It was an act of extreme evil to have connected me to this kid! — The pig made a forced beak and pressed his eyes, as if he were crying. — I’ll cry, buááá´, buááá, buááá! George and Noah were beginning to find the theater’s grace and fake pig crying, but suddenly Eddie stopped his drama and at once said:

– I am Eddie, the most powerful mystic pet in the universe! Hearing this, Noah almost choked on fright. He had a certain notion of what a “mystical pet” was, but he never imagined he would see one on Earth.

– George, this animal says he’s connected to you, and if I’m not mistaken, I think he can obey you in some way. The boy was surprised by the information and ended up having an idea. He asked Eddie to make the necklace go back to its normal size. Even if he didn’t want to, the piggy couldn’t hold his mouth, so he revealed he needed to touch the object. Even suspicious, George did what he was instructed to do, and within seconds his necklace was back to normal. Noah then took George and Eddie back to the farmhouse, as they had moved too far away from there. On the way, the man felt that they were being watched, but as he turned around, he found nothing but darkness, so he walked again. Upon arriving at the house, Noah and George agreed to go to sleep, agreeing to settle all that in the morning. Noah would be responsible for watch the piggy during that early morning, and he wouldn’t let him get away. George went to his bedroom to try to sleep, but could only think of everything that had happened, trying to understand each thing.

Meanwhile, in another room, Noah was trying to get more information out of Eddie.

– As far as I remember, I saw a light coming from where George was unconscious. When I arrived, the necklace was in his hand, and very hot. — During his reflection, Noah ended up connecting the dots. Eddie rolled his eyes when the man turned to himself as if he understood everything. — Ei, piggy, you came from George’s necklace! Are you really a mystical pet? Eddie looked at him with an almost furious expression. — It seems that everyone on this planet is stupid! But you… I feel something different in you. — He bowed his head and lowered his tone of voice, almost whispering. — You’re not from this place either, right? — Noah neither affirm nor denied it, just kept quiet. — I’ve already told you who I am, so stop asking me the same thing. But you were right about something… — Yes, I came out of the necklace. And I need him back.

Noah asked several other questions after the piggy’s revelation but did not get any other answers. He kept holding Eddie until dawn, knowing he’d need George to get Eddie’s answers because of that connection. Hours later, the day dawned. The sadness still hung in the air, the people on the farm were in no mood for anything. George had woken up early, he was crazy to see Eddie, who was stuck with Noah. That day, they had also called the city veterinarian to go to the farm and do a check on Sammy, the cow, who was losing weight and producing little milk. Arden was the most famous veterinarian in the region, and he was highly sought after, because his great work always resulted in the rapid healing of the animals, which was no different with Sammy.

– You saved us again, Arden. Thank you very much — thanked Bea, while watching her cow grazing with a healthier appearance. — It was nothing, madam. I also want to wish my feelings. Ben will always be in our hearts! — Bea smiled, slightly moved by the mention of her late husband. — By the way, I would like to walk around the farm and see the other animals… Do you mind?

– Thanks for the words, buddy. And of course, you can walk around! Then come back here to have lunch with us, okay? Arden accepted the invitation and left to do what he had asked before, going in the direction of the farm animals. Meanwhile, George talked to Noah about getting more information from Eddie, and the piggy watched everything quietly, without issuing any response, just thinking. “I need to get rid of this connection as soon as possible. It’s weak, it’s my chance! “reflected “I’m getting a little bit more used to this body, I think I have a chance to escape this guy. Think, Eddie, think… Ah, of course! Why didn’t I think about it before? I’m still weak to materialize that, but I can do this requires little energy,” Concluded Eddie, before finally opening his mouth again to say:

– Give me the necklace, I’ll show you everything.

George and Noah looked at each other and, after a silent agreement, handed the object to the animal, after all, they believed that it could do nothing. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Before they could even get any head of Eddie’s intentions, the pig looked at the necklace in his hand and said: — Solares brilhius! As soon as the unknown sayings were uttered, a strong, blinding light filled that place, leaving George and Noah dizzy, disoriented and momentarily unable to see. Eddie took advantage of the situation to run away again, with the necklace stuck in his paw. The animal made a super jump as it approached the entrance, ending up smiling broadly. He was so happy and grateful to himself for his intelligence in arming that escape that he came to close his eyes while still in the air, as if he were flying directly to freedom. However, he opened them urgently when he felt his body being grabbed.

– Oink! Oink! Let me go! Who are you? However, it was enough for him to see Arden holding him so that he would be frightened, because Eddie soon noticed something different about that man.



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