Farm Tales Chapter 11 “Eddie”

As soon as the news of Ben’s passed way scattered, everyone who lived Everyone who lived in the vicinity of the Reborn farm was gathered in the Celeste Cemetery. It was between the farm and the city areas. Known and unknown, friends and neighbors, people from the countryside and also from the city were there, by the way, not only was the produce of Reborn Farm successful, but theirs also owners were known for their kindness and friendliness. The man who did kindness and who was also known for finding a baby in the middle of the fire, unfortunately was no longer among them, it was a painful and overwhelming feeling. They knew that the gentleman needed that rest, but they also knew that he would never be forgotten.

Grandma Bea was sitting on the chair, because even she tried, The old lady couldn’t stand up, after all, the man she had come to love for so many years was gone. It was natural that this would happen one day, but no one would like to be without their loved one. The woman would rather have gone first, just so she wouldn’t feel that pain in her chest; just so she wouldn’t wake up in the morning and see the place in our bed now empty. However, she was not the only one, Chloe found herself standing beside the lady unable to control her crying, and to the surprise of many, also Chuck, known for being grumpy, found himself crying beside Bob. The farm that was known for its beauty and the happiness of those who lived and worked there, at that moment, carried with it a still and silent aspect. The clear sky had given way to gray clouds and icy breezes, and even the animals were more serene.

Some were silent, immersed in their own sadness, while others approached the woman with a downcast look on their faces so that they could offer their condolences to the entire family. George couldn’t pay attention to what they were saying, his eyes were fixed on the coffin that was slowly descending toward the opening in the ground so that the lifeless body could be buried. Until a cry was heard by all, a cry of love and longing. This cry came from the boy, who was soon ready to say, his voice trembling from crying.

— Grandpa Ben, I love you! — His tears fell on the floor without stopping, and many people who watched this scene were even more touched.

When the funeral was over, everyone started to leave. George was beside his grandma with his hands in his eyes trying to wipe away his tears, soon they were back at the farm, but when they arrived, they went to rest, because no one was in a condition to do anything, except keep an eye on Grandma Bea. After a few hours of rest, Bea ended up calling George several times as he left his room but could not find him. No one at the farm had seen him after the burial, which made everyone concerned since it was close to sunset. Soon, all the employees started to look for the young boy, while many looked around the grounds, Noah went at Bea’s request to the hill, since the old lady believed that a high place, would give a better visibility.

The River of Heaven where George spent most of his time training, where he also fished with his grandfather Ben. That’s where he was, sitting on the edge of the river with his legs underwater, his saddened gaze focused on the crystal-clear waters of the river, and when he drew his face closer to the river, he saw his image mirrored in it, he began to question himself: — Why do I always lose someone? Grandpa… why did you leave me?! Why was I abandoned once again? Grandpa, don’t do this to me, come back… come back to take care of me. My parents left me in the bush, with nothing and nobody. And now you are leaving me… His tears rolled down his face like a strong current, it was as if all the people in his life were gone, the pain of loss was more than he could bear, sobs escaped his lips as his lower lip trembled, he tried to hold back the pain in front of his grandmother, but there alone, he let her go without blinking. His tears rolled down his cheeks and down to his neck and down to his collar that dripped, making his pants wet, and then a scream echoed, different from the scream that had been given during the funeral, this one represented the real pain that he felt.

— AAAAAAHHHH!!! — His heart was beating strongly on his chest; His head was sore, and his thoughts were messed up. Still on top of the hill, Noah could hear the boy’s scream, and everything indicated that it was coming from the River of Heaven. With that, without a second thought, he ran towards the place But at that instant, George’s necklace started to emanate a light and to heat up, when he realized how hot it was, he quickly grabbed the necklace’s chain and took it off his neck, the boy covered his eyes when he felt the strong light that emanated from the necklace increase, on the outside of the necklace the brightness seemed like a crack that increased rapidly until a powerful light came out of the necklace going towards the farm. George ended up fainting with it, but although he was fallen on the ground, he was still firmly holding the necklace, which amazingly enough was intact, without any scratches. Noah saw a flash of lightning, but he kept going until he reached the river, and when he saw George fallen on the ground, he immediately went closer to check if the boy was okay, a relieved sigh took over his lips when he saw that he was breathing normally, that he didn’t have any cuts, and that he was fine. But something caught his attention, the necklace that the boy was holding tightly, even though he was fainted, so he asked himself what had happened, but when he touched the necklace he felt the small object warm, but maybe it was his impression. Carefully, he put the boy on his shoulders, making sure to put the necklace away so that it wouldn’t fall off on the way, and then took him to the farm. Meanwhile, that flash of light that came out of the pendant seemed to be looking for something, or someone. In that instant, a little piglet, a little, pink-toned pig, was alone in the vicinity when that light entered it, the piglet made a little noise of pain as it felt the thud, almost like a whimper. “oinc… oinc….” and then it fell fainted. Noah had come back to the farm with George fainted in his arms, everyone watching the scene was apprehensive and soon questioned what had happened. Noah, seeing the worries of everyone there, didn’t take long to explain what he had seen; however, he left the part of the light that came out of the necklace out. The man put George on the sofa, with the help of some staff members to make the boy comfortable, but after a short while he woke up. Grandpa Bea waited a few minutes for him to get situated from where he was, so that he could ask what had happened, something that George explained immediately.

But when they heard such a story, everyone looked at the young man in a surprised way, and it didn’t take long for them to deduce that it was a lie, or just a feeling of grief for Grandpa Ben’s death. Noticing his tiredness, they took him to bed and asked him to rest. But unlike the others, Noah was thinking about the story told by George, driven by curiosity, he considered taking the necklace to take a look and try to find out something, the only problem was that the necklace was put back on George’s neck, who at the moment was in his bed almost falling asleep because of exhaustion. The boy, who was almost closing his eyes, ended up being surprised by a small being, who had jumped with some difficulty to enter his bedroom, and approached him slyly. He wanted something, but when he tried to touch the necklace, George opened his eyes and realized that it was not the hand of a person, but a pig’s paw, when he realized this, George quickly opened his eyes in fright, when he was about to scream calling for his grandma, the pig’s paw covered his mouth, so that the animal came to speak in a whisper. — Be quiet child, don’t be frightened. I just need the necklace.

When George heard this, he looked at him with an aghast look, it couldn’t be true, how could a pig keep its paw in its mouth and be able to speak? Thinking about it, he shakes his head in the hope that it is his imagination, but when he sees that it is real, he pushed away its paw and asked in exasperation. — What are you?! How can you speak? — Well, well, don’t be stupid. I am the biggest, the best, the smartest, the strongest, and the most important of all the Mystic Pets in the universe, and you can’t see that? — It asked, with a smug smile. — And of course, I can talk. If you, an insignificant being can talk, why shouldn’t I, a mystical being, be able to talk? Really, you are dumb. It was a lot to process at that moment, a talking pig that by the way had just called him a fool.

— I am not stupid!!! And you are a pig, in fact I have never seen you here. Why am I answering a pig? — A tired sigh came from his lips as the boy ran his fingertips across his forehead. — I need to drink some water. Realmente, aquele porco era diferente de todos os outros, aliás quando a luz entrou no leitãozinho, um novo ser nasceu ali, podendo mudar algumas características do porquinho depois do ser ter nascido nele. O processo havia sido muito rápido, seu porte agora era um pouco maior que o anterior, e os seus olhos tinham um brilho especial. — I am not a pig, I told you I am a Mystical Being and… wait a minute, I need something that is with you. — The little pig jumped up, grabbing the necklace that was around George’s neck without him even noticing. As he saw the little pig ready to leave with the pendant, that’s when he came to his senses and called out to it. — Stop where you are right now, that necklace is mine! — at the same instant the little pig stopped, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move. — I can’t believe that I, a Mystical Being, the most powerful pet in the universe, has a spiritual connection with this stupid, weak child. How could this happen? — he grumbled, before looking at the boy. — Hey, kid! What is your name? — I am George, and I am not stupid, much less weak, and you? — Uff… Am I really going to have to repeat myself to you? Weren’t you paying attention? — The little pig raised its head with a smug look on its face, before speaking again completely proud of who it was. — I am one of the most powerful beings in the universe, my name is Eddie



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