Farm Tales — Chapter 1


They were in Vankar, the smallest planet in the Sirius system. With its three moons, it is a place very similar to Earth, but twice as small, and ninety percent of its surface is covered with the most beautiful of waters. Somewhere on that planet, there is a large continent called Tartam and three islands close to it. In Tartam, there are several kingdoms and clans that have fought many wars in the past. However, they currently have a common enemy, which seeks to dominate the entire continent.

Kingdom of Vankeya

– Come, my darling, we’re getting to the castle!
— I can’t take it anymore, Zak. I’m out of strength,’ Kate lamented, panting.
— Come, I’ll carry you. — He bent down and carefully lifted his wife. They were extremely tired from running for so long. Zak’s mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. The couple went their way like that, with Kate being carried on the back of her husband, who ran as fast as possible while carrying his son in his arms. Neither of them had any idea how much time had passed. The emperor’s feet already hurt a lot, as well as his head and arms. Kaite alternated between coughing and muttering in pain, increasing Zak’s worry at every turn. Exhaustion nearly consumed them completely, however, as soon as Zak recognized the area, they could breathe in the slightest relief.

But this relief did not last long, as they soon noticed the deplorable situation in that place. Behind the thick layer of dust and smoke, you could see the grand castle, the family’s former home. Its towers were partially destroyed; and the numerous windows completely broken. Furthermore, the huge gate that protected the entrance no longer existed.

– Everything is destroyed! Kate exclaimed weakly. — Those damn Drowns! — And she started coughing repeatedly.
— Calm down, Kate, you are very weak. — The emperor placed his wife on the ground carefully, taking her off his back. — Unfortunately, I was dominated by that bastard, but one day, I will get revenge! He took one of her hands, still carrying his son with the other, and pulled her towards the castle. — Let’s go! We need to find the portal in the castle’s secret underground, it should be intact. That way, we will be able to send our child to another planet and keep him safe.

– But, love… How will he survive without us? How, Zak? Kate asked, her voice trembling and filled with worry. — You can’t do this to our son! He will die!
— If he stays with us, the three of us will die.

Finally, Zak and Kate arrived in the secret underground of the castle of the kingdom of Vankeya. The room was dark, however, the emperor knew exactly what he was supposed to do. So, it was only necessary to hover one hand over the surface of a light crystal. Afterwards, all the others lit up, illuminating the entire environment. The room was large, and its structure had eight columns about ten meters apart, forming a circle. There was a door on each side, totaling four, in addition to the most important: a secret passage, the same one used by Zak to get there.

The name of the room was “Great Portal”, because in the middle of it, between the columns, there was an object covered with a very thick cloth, which was removed by Zak. Right after that, an enormous light appeared. The object was nothing more, nothing less than a crystal obelisk, about two meters high, with enough space to accommodate one person. Its surface was transparent and emitted a characteristic glow.
Unable to wait any longer, Zak touched the obelisk and said:
— Sharim.
A door, also transparent, appeared and, without thinking twice, the emperor placed his son in there. However, as soon as he threatened to close the door, Kate yelled:

- Wait! I need to get something for my son.

– What will you get? We don’t have time for this.

– Calm down, it’s right here. I just need to use a spell… — She muttered and looked around, seeming to be looking for something.

— Here! In that column. Zaclan Fogurius! — After performing the spell, a small compartment was opened, revealing a shiny object.

— All ready! Glad I hid it here.
— What is it? A necklace? What is a necklace like this for?
— You forgot? This necklace was given by the elven mistress! She said that I should keep it in a safe place and give it to my son when he was in danger.

— Kate approached the little boy and fastened the magic necklace around his neck. Then she placed a kiss on his forehead. Her eyes were filled with tears, and her face was already wet from crying.

— Son, mommy loves you, and will always love you and be by your side. Never forget that you are a Valkeyan, prince of this realm.
The empress wiped her face and walked away after saying her last farewell to her son. Zak used the moment to do the same.
— Son, I’m your father. I love you too. Have a happy life and be strong so that, one day, you can come back and destroy the evil that inhabits Tartam. Now, make a good trip to the planet called “Earth”.

Then Zac closed the obelisk and placed his hands on it, lighting it up. The crystal began to drain his energy completely, leaving him almost powerless.
— Sweetheart, not so hard!
— I must!! — He screamed — Arghhh !!! Go, son! We will be with you no matter where you are!

In that same instant, a powerful light came out of the crystal like a comet, towards the sky, destroying all the layers of earth that existed above that hall. Zak fell to the ground, totally weakened. Kate tried to help him, but she was also weak and extremely sorry for the loss of her son.

Meanwhile, on the surface, the Drowns noticed that light and wasted no time. They ran in that direction, seeing the huge hole made in the ground. Looking closer, they saw Zak and Kate, who barely had time to flee or hide. The two were captured. But far above the skies, in the darkness of the Universe, a comet left a trail of light that carried hope as it crossed its path to a known destination called Earth.



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