Farm Tales=Chapet 8- My Parents

The rooster Tino starts its musical singing: “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!” George was already ready to go to school. Grandma Bea gave a warning to her grandson:

– George be careful at school. I asked to Inspector Annie to keep the eyes on you, please be careful with this guy Tony. Did you hear me?

– Yes, granny — answer George.

After saying goodbye to Bea his grandfather accompanied him to the bus. Along the way, Ben also gave him some advice.

– My grandson, if this this boy keeps messing with you. I will personaliy talk to his parentes — he declared with a sign tone of revolt in his voice. — And I want to ask you something. If he keeps bothering you, so keep your distance, but if you see there’s no other way out, punch him and run away. — They both laughed. — Don´t tell your grandmother I said that, okay?

– You can leave it, grandpa. The little boy stopped laughing to give the answer and fixed the backpack on this back.

– I won’t speak!

George arrived at school and soon saw Tony and Vick near his classroom. He couldn’t get in without passing them, however, he spotted Inspector Annie walking in the one of the corridors. George thought about calling her, after all, she would be the only one who could do something at that moment. However, as soon as he took the first step towards her, something inside him stopped him. Something that stirred his senses and conscience, almost as if he were telling him to face this situation alone. George didn’t know what it was, but he felt it came from deep in his mind and soul. Then he took a deep breath, turned toward his classroom, and go ahead.

The troublemakers began to prepare for the start of the mock session; however, they noticed the presence of the inspector in the surroundings before they talk the first offense. Tony approached George and leaned in a little to whisper in his ear:

– Don’t worry, hillbilly, I’ll make a point of looking for you every day. I want to sharpen my punch!!!!

Tony, he laughed as if he were telling the best joke in the world, just like everyone else. George didn’t care this time, as he tried to do what his grandma had asked: not get into trouble.

At the same moment, watching them from the other corridor, Inspector Annie shouted: — Everybody into your classrooms — She clapped her hands as she rushed the students. — Ei, Tony — called — Come here with your friends, I need to have a talk with you.

George took advantage of the moment of distraction to enter the classroom, while Tony was lectured — for the second time — of the inspector.

– I don’t want any of you guys messing with George anymore, okay? Otherwise, everyone will be suspended, and I will be obliged to contact each of their guardians.

– Yes, Inspector respond, together.

– And one more thing: you will be discipline during the break she declared. The boys widened their eyes.

– For a week, as soon as the bell rings, you go straight to the principal’s room. I don’t want to see them bothering nobody of their colleagues.

they hated it, but they knew they had to obey. During the break that day, Tony, and his friends did exactly what they were ordered. When they arrived at the principal’s room, there was no one there.

In the first moment, they just sat on the sofa in the living room and were silent. Until, suddenly, Vick stood up and animated drew the attention of the others to himself.

– Ei, I had an idea.

He went to the principal’s desk, where he knew there was a file drawer, and searched through the pile of folders and papers for something. When he found it, he swung a folder in the air and celebrated:

– I Found it!

– What did you find? Tony asked.

– That bumpkin’s files. The others quickly stood up and moved closer to get a better look. Vick began to analyze the papers in his hands.

– Look at this! He has no parents and is looked after by his grandparents! he said laughing. Tony pulled the paper out of his friend’s hand and let out a laugh.

– That bumpkin has no parents. An evil smile formed on his face.

– I won’t even bother beating him anymore, now this kid will suffer a lot more at my hands. It was worth it to come to the school Board.

Everyone laughed again. They were anxious to see this circus on fire.

At the end of class, the inspector offered to accompany George to the bus that would take him back to the farm. That time, the boy had had a certain peaceful day at school. And this continued to happen for another week. It seemed that everything was quiet and peaceful.

Until, while George was talking to Dick during a break, Tony and his friends approached.

– Look who’s here if it isn’t our dear George? He’s so cute… fragile like a crystal glass. But do you know why he is like that, class?

Nobody dared to answer.

– No, Tony. Why not? — asked the troublemaker’s friends, with debauched voices and cynical smiles.

– Let me tell you. Our beloved bumpkin was look after by Grandma and Grandpa. He has no parents. — Some widened their eyes; others opened their mouths in surprise. George felt his heart beating fast and anger beginning to show. — If joke, it was abandoned… Or else … — He looked deep into George’s eyes. — He killed them.

When Tony said this, even his friends stopped laughing. He had his face very close to George’s, just to provoke him closely. George, however, didn’t think twice before closing his hand into a fist and punching him right in the middle of his face.

During the past few days, he had punched hundreds of times the tree near the river in the sky, so his aim was accurate. Tony fell to the ground on impact. His friends were amazed, as were the rest of the students. No one had ever seen anyone even try to punch the bully. The group rushed to help him up from the ground and Vick looked in George’s direction, but he was no longer there.

George took advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was on Tony and followed his grandpa’s advice about what to do after punching someone: run.

He ran to the classroom, got his material, and repeated the process of jumping over the school wall. He went back to the farm by himself, walking thoughtfully the whole way.

The boy walked for almost two hours until he reached the banks of the river in the sky, in the farthest part of the farm. Staring at the water, he thought again.

He wanted to know who his parents were. In fact, George had never stopped to think about it, so he never asked his grandparents any questions involving this topic. However, Tony’s evil words kept running through his mind. He feared that he had been abandoned and wanted -needed- to know what had happened. With this goal in mind, he ran to his house.

When he got there, he went through the gate and shouted:

– Granny Bea! Granny Bea! Where are you?

– I’m here, George, in the backyard! You are arrived early.

George ran to her and, anxious, said:

– Granny, I have a very important question to ask.

– Who are my parents? Why did they abandon me? Am I really your grandson? — George’s eyes were wet, he held back his tears at every question asked. Bea was surprised by his grandson’s questions.

– Why are you asking this? What happened at school? Does it have to do with you being early?

– Granny — interrupted her. Tears wet his cheeks.

– Please answer me. Who are my parents? I want to know everything.

(To be continued…)



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